Carmela Canzonieri, PhD.





Parco Delle Cave - Comiso Quarries Park (2007) -- Urban design of a park along a quarry system with abandonned and working areas at the edge of Comiso in Sicily; 2007 Design Report

Pescara, Italy - National urban design competition, 1st prize, for open space system in Pescara.

South Platte ProjectSouth Platte River - Project presentation Denver Colorado. "South Platte River Through People and Places" elaborates on the presentation.

Boulder, CO -- Urban design incorporating historic ditches ; -- Selection of historic photos of Western ditches -- " Ditches-- Regionalism in Urban Design"

Two urban parks -Designed and built in Comiso, Italy. Local history and cultural landscapes.

Ecological System Design

Grand River - Ecological Plan Strategy for the Six Nations of the Grand River, Ontario, Canada - studio work.

Parco dei Monti Iblei - Landscape study for the establishment of Monti Iblei, Italy as a National Park.

Parco Fluviale in Scicli - Design consulting for riparian greenway along an urban stretch in Scicli, Italy.

Ecological Architectural Design:

Giardino Malavita, Italy.

Malavita AgriTurismo


2007 (submitted) Canzonieri, C. A landscape approach to a citywide greenroofs strategy:the landscape ecology of roofs. Urban Habitats.

2006 Canzonieri, C. Review: Green Infrastructure: Linking Landscapes and Communities by Benedict and McMahon. Landscape Ecology. November.

2006 Canzonieri, C. "Review: Skinny Streets and Green Neighborhoods: Design for Environment and Community, by Cynthia Girling, Ronald Kellett", Urban Habitats, December.

2006 (in process) Canzonieri, C. Culturally and ecologically sensitive tourism infrastructure: a case study in southern Italy. International Journal of Sustainable Development.


Ecological patterns are embedded in landscapes at a variety of scales. In large landscapes or micro-details these patterns support theories of landscape ecological mosaics and hierarchy, expressing complex scientific concepts in artistic language.

Photo sets: (Switzerland, Projects, Sicily, Comiso Park, Comiso Quarry, Stonewalls)

Ecology into Art -- || Barks |Patterns of Landscapes- Autumn || Patterns of Landscapes- Grasslands || Patterns of Landscapes- Vegetation || Agricultural Landscapes || Biodiversity || Landforms || Elements|| ||Stonewalls || World Cemeteries - Landscapes of Memory.

I Tarocchi - Nikki de St. Phalle's Giardino dei Tarocchi near Saturnia, Italy.





Environmental Planning & Design Workshop

Urban Natural Systems

City Form and Natural Processes Ecological Approaches to Urban Design

Landscape Ecology in Planning